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Agribusiness Advisor - Nairobi

SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation
Job Description
The sustainability of the irrigated agriculture sector is dependent on robust business development services that contribute to creation of effective and efficient value chains secured on vibrant sustainable inputs and outputs markets. The Agribusiness Advisor will support the achievement of the SWA project’s ambition of improving irrigated agriculture technology, fostering the marketing systems, strengthening and linkages development of the industry players, through leading the project’s capacity building strategy in developing and providing targeted market based solutions.
Working within a multi-disciplinary team, support improved irrigated agriculture by embedding market oriented approaches, leading to effective inputs and outputs markets functioning primarily through increased performance of and improved linkages between farmers’ enterprises, civil society organizations, government departments and the private sector.
Key Responsibilities
1. Design overall enterprise and marketing development strategy; encompass market led / value chain development approach to be integrated in all outcome areas to
  • unlock growth; increase productivity, employment and income
  • enhance innovation adoption and uptake
  • embed sustainability; socio-economic and environmentally sustainability
2. Facilitate development of commercial / business linkages;
3. Promote and profile innovation and investment funds;
  • Review the business rooting; market and sustainability of the business cases
  • Prepare and or review the value proposition for such cases
3. Design a strategy to strengthen linkages between stakeholders - governments’ representatives and the private sector.
  • Maintain working relations with relevant government line ministries and private sector / research institutions to coordinate the adoption and uptake of innovations and/or approaches in irrigation agriculture development
4. Facilitating strengthening / business re-engineering:
  • Strategic business advisory
  • Due diligence and commercial reviews
  • Business planning and feasibility studies
  • Competitiveness and benchmarking
  • Market and commodity research
5. Design, facilitate, coach and mentor
  • Enterprises along the Value chains on business development and ensure that they have the right business attitude, develop a business plan targeting their anticipated market, and have adequate skills to meet the market needs.
6. Infuse commercial orientation in projects activities and undertakings;
  • Support identification of market-led / sustainable agro-based economic opportunities and assist in understanding and implementation of demand-driven, commercialization approach to rural development based on access to markets
7. Facilitate, identify and assist in coordinating relevant
  • Workshops in agricultural marketing issues
  • Field days / market fares / exhibitions
  • Trade missions
8. Develop or facilitate training modules for project staff related to the key decision making tools for market analysis and program intervention design, including:
  • Value chain analysis
  • Participatory needs assessment
  • Participatory action planning
  • Sub-sector analysis
9. Provide support and guidance to the project manager to develop, review, oversee and review project strategy and activities related to the implementation of the project according to the project proposal
10. And any other duty that may be assigned by the project manager from time to time


  • Bachelor's degree and 10 years' related experience; or a Master's degree and 3 years' related post-graduation experience or equivalent combination of education and experience in the following or related field’s agriculture economics, business administration, public administration, agriculture policy, etc.
  • At least 5 years of demonstrated experience in value chain and market access related, and/or analysis/research of agribusiness and/or socio-economic development projects.
  • Practical experience supporting the development of farmers’ and farmers’ enterprises.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work with private sector players (financial institutions, exporters, buyers, traders, transporters, input suppliers or processors)
  • Skill in training, facilitation, networking, interpersonal relationships and familiarity with commonly used tools for market analysis and program design
  • An understanding of climate-smart agriculture principles is preferred.
  • Higher than average competence in MS Office applications.
  • Fluency in English.
Additional Information
Contract Duration: 1 year with possibility of extension.
Desired start date: Mid-September 2018
How to apply
Please submit your application via SmartRecruiters attaching an application letter and a CV that contains three referees in English before 09 September, 2018 citing the position title as reference.

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