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Application Deadline:
Fri 12th Oct 2018
REMUNERATION: Salary Scale: Kshs 15,670.00 to Kshs 17,570.00 House Allowance: Kshs 4,500.00 Commuter Allowance: Kshs 3,000.00 Extraneous Allowance: Kshs 7,000.00

Job Description
  • Driving an ambulance to transport sick, injured, or convalescent persons;
  • iAssisting ambulance attendant to place patients on stretcher and loads stretcher into ambulance;
  • Taking sick or injured persons to hospital, or convalescents to destination;
  • Assisting in changing soiled linen on stretcher;
  • Administering first aid as required;
  • May assist to restraint violent patients if necessary;
  • Carrying out routine checks on the vehicle’s cooling, oil, electrical and brake systems, tyre pressure, etc.;
  • Detecting and reporting malfunctioning of vehicle systems;
  • Maintenance of work tickets for vehicles assigned;
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the vehicle/Ambulance;
  • The immediate supervisor may assign performing other duties as from time to time.
Job Qualifications
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education mean grade D plain or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
  • Possess a valid driving license and three years driving experience;
  • Have a First aid training Lasting not less than one (1) week preferably from St. Johns Ambulance or Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology (KIHBT) or any other recognized Institution;
  • Knowledge and skill in driving to avoid sudden motions detrimental to patients;
  • Full Knowledge of motorable routes within Nairobi County;
  • Defensive Driving Certificate from the Automobile Association (AA) of Kenya or its equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution;
  • Attended a Refresher Course for drivers lasting not less than one (1) week within every three (3) years at Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology (KIHBT) or any other recognized Institution;
  • A valid Certificate of Good Conduct from the Kenya Police.
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