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ENG Reporter - Career Opportunity


Reporting to the Managing Editor, the ENG REPORTER will be responsible for the following:
• Generating ideas for stories and features and following leads from news agencies, the police, the public, press conferences and other sources​
• Pitching ideas to editors​
• Researching, verifying and collating evidence and information to support a story using relevant information sources such as the internet, archives, databases, etc.​
• Selecting appropriate locations, pictures and sound and exercising editorial judgment on the best angle from which to approach a story​
• Identifying necessary resources and deploying and managing technical crews for location shoots, including camera crew​
• Providing directorial input, advising crews on what to film or record​
• Producing complete packages for broadcast​
• Preparing and presenting material for both pre-recorded and live pieces​
• Identifying potential interviewees, briefing them, preparing interview questions and conducting both live and recorded interviews​
• Collaborating with the editor to put together the completed program or item​
• Developing and maintaining local contacts and assuming a public relations role​

Required Experience: 3 years of TV editor, producer or reporter position; experience in filming, editing and producing news
• Graduate in Journalism or Communications​
• A thorough knowledge of news and current affairs in the Kenya, Africa and internationally​
• Strong writing skills, and ability to convey information in a clear, concise and conversational manner​
• Excellent live reporting skills and strong on-camera presentation skills​
• Able to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends​
• Ability to interact professionally and build relationships and sources​
• Ability to shoot and edit digital video​
• Strong research skills, including the ability to navigate online search engines​
• Social Media & Multimedia experience​

Application process;-
Applicants should submit the following:
  • A one-page cover letter, explaining how your skills and experience apply to this role.
  • A CV of no more than 3 pages, including the names of three professional references
  • Please do not send copies of testimonials, certificates or any other back-up documentation.
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