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Fraud Analyst.E-Commerce - Job Vacancy

Fraud Analyst.E-Commerce - (18000078)

Job description

Job Purpose Statement

Screen Kenya airways Direct Online sales to detect & prevent fraudulent payments and fraudulent activities both internal and external in order to prevent financial loss to the company. Perform Daily sales reconciliation to see to it payment received is equal to ticket issued. Own and manager the credit card dispute resolution process with the card schemes

Principal Accountabilities (KEY Performance Areas)


Accountability (Responsibility)

  • Manual Fraud detection
  • Analyse ticket reservations on possible fraudulent events to prevent revenue loss.
  • Independently take operational action to prevent financial loss to KQ (cancel bookings, deny boarding etc) ;
  • Interface with various internal departments and external suppliers such as CC Unit, airport handling staff, Security department
  • White, Black and Grey list databases
  • Build & maintain historical databases of fraudulent events as to support future screening activities to prevent recurrent.
  • Maintain white list data bases for frequent and corporate customers who don’t require screening at the airport
  • Maintain Blacklist of all reported commercial fraud and non commercial fraud data.
  • Maintain grey list from other airline fraud units and financial institution as shared.
  • Relationship
  • Build relationship with different airline fraud units, financial institution, payment gateways etc.
  • Collaborate with different airline fraud unit and financial institution which will aid in manual fraud screening
  • Research
  • Gather knowledge to keep abreast of new developments in financial fraud in order to identify developing trends and initiate appropriate action with least cost.
  • Chargeback Management
  • Engage in chargeback dispute process in good time and send any request for information to the acquiring bank and card schemes to prevent revenue leakage
  • Identify any commercial chargeback and initiate corrective measure to avoid such e.g Cleary defined condition of courage and fare rule conditions
  • Avoid double debit on all chargeback cases e.g refund and chargeback of the same transaction
Automated Fraud Prevention

Analyze structural patterns of fraudulent behaviour using automated fraud detection module and initiate alternative solutions to prevent any revenue leakages.
Conduct a periodic change of automated fraud detection business rules based on the market dynamic to present loss of revenues associated with fraud
Maintain the fraud threshold level before the industry standards to avoid fines from the card scheme.


Report both verbally and in writing on fraud to sales ration on all payment options. Report chargeback dispute success and failures on a weekly basis

Knowledge And Experience



  • Bachelor degree in related field
  • Proficiency in MS office, Internet, Database
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Proficiency in the usage of airline passenger systems.
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent judgment skills
Additional Qualifications


Database management

Years of Experience


3-5 years experience in the Aviation Industry as a fraud prevention analyst or related field.

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