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Jose Mourinho tells Alexis Sanchez he won’t play for Manchester United again during heated bust-up

Jose Mourinho has warned Alexis Sanchez that he faces the prospect of never playing for Manchester United again unless he changes his attitude,
according to reports. Sanchez travelled with the team to London for United’s 3-1 defeat to West Ham on Saturday but was dropped from the matchday
squad by Mourinho, who claimed that the Chilean’s absencewas due to the fact that he had other ‘options’. Sanchez, who was signed from Arsenal in the January transfer window, was reportedly furious with Mourinho’s decision. According to The Sun, Mourinho is ‘fed up’ with the 29-year-old constantly questioning
his tactics and moaning that he is not playing enough. The report also claims that Sanchezis even moaning to his United teammates about how he is being misused by Mourinho and how he would have featured in Pep Guardiola’s system at Manchester City.
Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/01/jose...r-united-again-during-heated-bust-up-7996591/

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