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Closed Massive Recruitment at Bomet County


Bomet County is located in the former Rift Valley Province bordering Kericho County to the North and North East, Narok County to the South East, South, and South West, and Nyamira County to the North West. The county, listed electoral number 36, has Bomet town as its administrative center and covers a total area of 1,997.90 Sq Km. The County Government of Bomet through the Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill vacant positions in the following Departments:-

Open Jobs
  1. Director Internal Audit: J/G CPSB 03 (1 Post)
  2. Principal Internal Auditor: J/G CPSB 05 (1 Post)
  3. Senior Internal Auditor: J/G CPSB 06 (1 Post)
  4. Director/ Human Resources - J/G CPSB 03 (1 Post)
  5. Principal Human Resource Officer: J/G CPSB 06 (1 Post)
  6. Human Resource Management Officer 11: J/G CPSB 10 (10 Posts)
  7. Records Management Officer II: J/G CPSB 10 (1 Post)
  8. Office Administrative Assistant II – J/G CPSB 12 (4 Posts)
  9. Support Staff – J/G CPSB 15/16 (4 Posts)
  10. Director/Communications & Events: J/G CPSB 03 (1 Post)
  11. Assistant Director/ Communications & Events: J/G CPSB 05 (1 Post)
  12. Chief Protocol Officer: J/G CPSB 06 (1 post)
  13. Editor: J/G CPSB 06 (2 Posts)
  14. Deputy Director / Disaster Management – J/G CPSB 04 (1 Post)
  15. Fireman/Woman Driver – J/G CPSB 13 ( 1 Post)
  16. Firefighter & Marshall – J/G CPSB 15 ( 2 Posts)
  17. Diver – J/G CPSB 15 ( 6 Posts)
  18. Principal ICT Officer - J/G CPSB 06 (1 Post)
  19. ICT Officer II - J/G CPSB 10 (10 POSTS)
  20. Technical Instructor III - J/G CPSB 11 (35 Posts)
  21. Technical Instructor IV – J/G CPSB 12 (35 Posts)
How to Apply

Applications can only be submitted online on or before 6th November, 2018 through Bomet County Public Service Board recruitment portal, www.cpsbbomet.net Or from a link in Bomet County website, www.bomet.go.ke.
Manual applications will not be accepted.
The county government of Bomet is an equal opportunity employer, women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The Secretary/CEO
Public Service Board
P.o. Box 605-20400

Download the attached Pdf to views job requirements


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