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sex in a relationship ? how important is it


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When the sex is good it’s a small part of the relationship. When it’s bad, it’s a large part of a relationship.
That's pretty much what I came here to say. The absence of bad sex is hugely important. The presence of good sex is nice to have, but not essential.


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It's not very important to me. I'm fine with or without it. I have a low sex drive and can't orgasm so I'm sure that plays a role though. There's so much more to a relationship than sex.
All through several cultures, love and sex related matters are dealt with in a different way. Regardless of whether you are from the countryside region or a multi-ethnic region, there is constantly worry among people's sexual practices and duties on what they consider to be right perspective of love. Everywhere all around the world, most societies choose sexual desire to romance and friendship.

According to some specific group of individuals, sex is an essential function of a love relationship. It is very crucial to comprehend that most of the relationships which start or are grounded on sex do not last for long period. This is owing to the point that while sex is a vital fraction of a love relationship, in the end, it all depend on on how the people engaged are able to do well during hard times. Several individuals are always eager to leave a relationship during tough times because it is not easy to fix the difficulties, and one can continually find sex anywhere else. Sex is great for a relationship but if one is considering something which will last for a lifetime, establishing one's relationship on sex is not worthwhile.

Different set of belief disputes that if sex is not vital in a relationship, then cheating in relationships would not be regarded as a great issue. Specialist’s claims that brain cells discharge chemicals which make the two companions feel happy and connected to each other after sex. The physical affection which comprises cuddling, hugs, kisses and holding hands also complements to making the bond even keener. Sex does put together or disrupt a relationship but a cheating partner or a terrible sex life can result to end of a relationship.

Nevertheless, people claim that the special effects or the impact of sex in a relationship is deeply reliant on the significance the two people engaged in the act attribute to it and it is not upon what people view about it.


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Sex is very important pasrt of my life and relationship. I think I am am bit strange because I like to visit sex shops and massage parlors. I have already visited Thai, Prague and Bali massage parlors and can say that the best erotic massage I had in Prague here
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