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South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use


South Africa's highest court has legalised the use of cannabis by adults in private places.
Pro-marijuana activists cheered in the public gallery and chanted "Weed are free now"
when the Constitutional Court gave its landmark ruling.
In a unanimous ruling, judges also legalised the growing of marijuana for private consumption.
South Africa's government's had opposed its legalisation, arguing the drug was "harmful" to people's health.
It has not yet commented on the ruling, which is binding.
Three cannabis users who had faced prosecution for using the drug brought the case, saying the ban
"intrudes unjustifiably into their private spheres".
Source: BBC News
Read More: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-45559954
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I don't smoke but I find it is safer for people than drinking so I am all for people being allowed this option. I am hoping it happens in the US. I think a lot of people will stop drinking if they had an option.

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