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Team leader Job in Kenya

Title: Team leader
Platinum Credit Ltd
Reference #: S20181004
Contract Type: Contract12 Months
Location: Kenya, Kenya


Platinum Credit Limited is a credit only Micro-Finance Company licensed in Kenya under the Company’s Act. The company, was founded in 2003 with a vision to provide emergency loans to Civil Servants, TSC members and employees of selected companies. We deliver cash in 24hours, with minimum bureaucracy and swift customer service.

We are recruiting for Teamleaders countrywide.
Job Functions: Marketing, Sales
Industries: Banking / Finance & Investment, Financial Services

Job Summary
To create and nurture a vibrant and productive sales team and coordinate all the sales & marketing activities in the team.

Description of Core Duties
Detailed description of the main tasks performed by the job holder
•Ensuring Sales reps retention - team attrition rate should be less than 15%.
•Ensure that there is growth in the number of actual reps.
•Ensure that there is growth in the number of active reps.
•Ensure continuous and thorough training of sales reps through E-learning and working with the Training Manager. For them to master the product knowledge.
•Motivating, mentoring and ensuring high energy levels of the team members.
•Sales and recruitment target achievement.
•Sourcing for new business as a team.
•Ensure 95% collection rates in conjunction with report from Sales Reps Portfolio Performance from the Sales Analyst.
•Timely submission of reports that is sales, marketing and training reports.
•Master and ensure the use of Market force, E learning and Mambu in the team.
•People management regarding HR issues in the team via reports.
•Oversee the implementation of quality management system QMS in the team.
•Assessing Reps Presentations either through role play or actual performance in the field.
•Average reps score in random written /spoken test that is average performance should be at least 80%.
•Review of files from the sales reps before Data entry.
•Coordination of marketing activities in the team.
Education, including specialised training
At least a diploma in Business administration or sales and marketing.

At least 2 years’ experience in Sales and Leadership in a financial institution.

Other attributes
•Good leadership skills.
•Must be able to design business strategies.
• Possess analytical skills.
•IT proficient.
• Good communication Skills.
•Reporting skills.
•Ability to manage a team.
Job Closing Date
Sun Oct 28 2018
Click here to apply on company website

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